1 = cup, glass, goblet, tipple, wine glass, tot.
Ex. The usual culprit in this case is the cup of coffee placed on top of the drive unit.
Ex. This city tour will end at the TV tower of Berlin to watch the colours of the city changing when the sun sets while enjoying a glass of German sparkling wine.
Ex. The author discusses the historical significance of the goblets, identified as chalices, which were found in late Byzantine graves.
Ex. Anybody who enjoys a tipple will love a hip flask -- a real winter warmer!.
Ex. He obviously said something offensive because she then glassed him in the face with her wine glass.
Ex. So if you want to take a tot or two of tequila or several margaritas with your meals, you now have a scientific excuse.
* bar de copas = martini bar.
* con otra copa de lo mismo se te cura la resaca = a hair of the dog that bit you.
* copa de coñac = balloon glass.
* copa de helado = ice cream sundae, sundae.
* copa de succión = suction cup.
* copa de vino = glass of wine.
* copa para el vino = wine glass.
* ir de copas = go for + a drink.
* salir a tomar una copa = go out for + a drink.
* salir de copas = go out for + a drink.
* tomar copas = tipple.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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